FNF Music Battle 3D

Welcome to the world where you can take part in a rap battle! Here you have to confirm your title as the best artist! The main character is, as usual, a man. Take part in battles with different characters.

Each of them has his own incredible abilities and skills. But that won’t stop you from winning – you must complete the task perfectly and prove once again that you are the best of the best!

Spend your time having fun and listening to music

Each of our heroes’ opponents is unique. They have great skills, but that doesn’t stop them from losing. This time you will have a musical battle with a little painted man.

You know him well, but it’s worth getting to know him better. He feels happy, but sometimes his life doesn’t turn out the way it should. He knows that failure is always on his side, but he doesn’t give up and keeps going.

One day he decides that he can easily make a lot of money. He decides to steal it and ends up in jail. Without thinking, he decides to escape from that place. Since then, he is considered the most popular criminal. In this game you have to fight against him.

The thief doesn’t want to show his weakness and will do anything to succeed. Don’t let him beat you!

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