Red Imposter Hero 4

An unforgettable experience awaits you among us! This is the perfect place for an exciting adventure! You won’t be travelling alone, but with a great team.

However, not everything will be as easy as it seems at first sight. You will experience many unexpected events. You will have to act accordingly and be careful.

Find the crook who is hurting everyone!

Your journey begins in a spaceship. The crew is quite large and everyone must be kind. You start your journey and wait for your destination.

Each character is busy with their own things, which benefits everyone. However, there is one character who plays badly. He wants to destroy the plan by any means. He runs around and interferes with the coordinated work of the team.

The traitor can stop the ship, and then it will be very sad. You have to be careful and find the one who is hurting everyone! Suspicion can affect anyone.

If you find out who is trying to defame you, tell everyone and destroy them as a matter of urgency. He may do the same to you – don’t let him! And if you are the bad guy, you will have to be very clever and cunning!