Among Us

Among Us

Unforgettable experiences are waiting for you in Among Us! Here you have to go on an exciting adventure! You will not go alone in the game, but with a large team.

But everything will not be as simple as it might seem at first glance! You will find many unexpected turns of events. You must show your best side and be attentive!

Find a prankster who harms everyone!

Your game will begin with the fact that you will find yourself on a spaceship. The crew is large enough and everyone should be friendly. You have embarked on a journey and are waiting for the end point.

Each character is busy with his own affairs, which should benefit everyone. But there is one hero who does dirty tricks. He wants to spoil his plan in every way. He walks all over the territory and interferes with the coordinated work of the team.

Because of a traitor, the ship may completely stop its work, and then everything will be very sad game over. You need to be careful vigilant and find the one who harms everyone! Suspicion can fall on anyone!

If you understand who is pulling you down, then urgently tell everyone and destroy it! He can also do the same thing to you! Don’t let this happen! What if you are the bad guy of Among Us? You have to be very cunning and insidious!