Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy

This game is filled with an atmosphere of pride and independence! This is a real paradise for those who like to lead the process! If you know how to make decisions quickly and correctly, then you will definitely win the Stick War: Legacy! Here you have to fight and get important rewards! Accuracy, perseverance and perseverance are the main qualities for this challenge!

Assemble your battle team!

Well, are you ready to create your own army? Your main characters will be drawn little men. They cannot make decisions on their own, so they will obey you. You have to do everything for the victory of your fighters!

You have to engage in fierce fights, using your determination! You can also collect useful resources, such as gold. It will help you build something bigger in the future game. Explore different locations and choose non-standard paths!

You have to fight against dangerous enemies who have huge plans! Destroy them all and take over their lands! In addition, you will constantly have different missions. You need to complete them in time to get extra points and gifts! Get all the crowns for completing Stick War levels! You can also try your hand at different cool modes! Fight to the last to get valuable titles! How long do you think you can last?

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