People Playground

The People on the Playground game is designed to help you get rid of all negative emotions! You are in a universe where there are no rules! You can do anything, just use your creativity! See what your imagination can do!

Your thoughts are much deeper than you think! This is a great opportunity to be in a place where you can showcase all your talents!

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of freedom!

There are puppets in this universe. You don’t feel anything, so you can experiment with them. Here you can give free rein to your emotions! You can take on different roles. Become a warrior, a commander or a doctor!

In this game you will experience great experiences and fun. You will have access to different tools. You can use them with a purpose or break the rules. We hope you will find many ideas and use them all. Do things you would never dare to do in your life!

You should try every weapon and see what it can do. Put your character on the ground and throw a knife, grenade or something else at him. If you don’t want to do dangerous things with your character, you can use a banana peel!

Decide how you want to play!

Here’s your chance to show what you can do! You can create your own story! Experiment and find out what’s next. It will be great motivation to keep going.

You can also join a team and organize a real race. Tanks, helicopters and invading foreign countries! It will be a great fight! You can do things against your enemies that only you can imagine. You have to understand that your opponents are serious and you will not let them carry out their plans.

Be ruthless and don’t be ashamed! The whole process is very interesting and will suck you in like a black hole! Feel like a mad doctor and try out a new virus. In a special room you will have to create the right conditions for this mysterious operation.

Prepare various equipment to help you. Make sure the patient doesn’t escape and start the tricky operation! In your briefcase you have syringes with different substances, so experiment!

You have the option to take blood for analysis or to remove it completely. Make sure your hero doesn’t die. But you have a drug that can revive him if he fails. If you want, you can create a real apocalypse! Playground People opens the door to a whole new world in which you can get what you’ve wanted for so long! Here you can show off all your skills without fear of rejection!

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