3D People Playground

This game will give you unforgettable experiences and moments! Here you enter a world where you have to experiment with dolls. You will have the opportunity to realize all your dreams and plans.

Imagine that your greatest enemy is standing in front of you. What would you do to him if you knew you would get nothing in return? Then new opportunities will open up and you can discover your hidden plans!

Take the chance and set yourself free!

In People Playground 3D you can ignore the moral rules. You can see everything you do from the outside. You can experience many interesting things. Put your protagonist on the field and start your own business!

You can set them on fire with matches, throw a grenade or a firecracker. There are plenty of options, try them all. See what happens and adjust your choices.

You have a lot of heavy weapons and dangerous materials. Don’t be afraid to judge! Learn how to handle tanks and other combat vehicles! Engage in fierce battles and defeat your enemies!

Build your army and make it the strongest and most powerful! Remember, your opponents are serious too. Do not let them conquer your territories! You can make up your own story to follow. Want to start a zombie apocalypse?

Try different vaccines and create a monster. Do everything you can to keep the guinea pig from escaping the operating table! Kill and resurrect! Many interesting situations await you, but the most important thing is not to get lost.

Use the modules to improve your skills and unlock more interesting things. Here you can immerse yourself in a world of freedom and do whatever you want! Make your own decisions based on what you learn! Be decisive!

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