Henry Stickmin FNF

Henry Stickmin FNF

Welcome to the Henry Stickmin FNF where you can join the rap battle! Here you have to confirm your title of the best performer again! As always, your main character will be Boyfriend. He entered into game battles with different characters.

Each of them had their own cool abilities and skills. But that didn’t stop him from winning. You need to complete your task perfectly to prove once again that you are the best of the best!

Spend your time having fun and with music!

Each of the rivals of our main character is unique. They have great talents, but that doesn’t stop them from losing. This time he will have to enter into a musical battle with a small painted man.

You know him very well, but it’s worth getting to know him better. He feels happy, but sometimes everything in his life goes wrong. He noticed that failure is always on his side, but did not refuse to move on.

One day he decided to make a lot of money the easy way. He decided to steal them and for this he was put in jail. Without thinking twice, he decided to run away from this place. Since then, he has been considered the most popular criminal. In the game you have to fight him.

The thief does not want to show his weakness and will try to do everything for his success. Don’t let him beat you in FNF!

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