People Playground Game Play Online

You can spend your free time having fun at the People Playground. To understand how humans work, you have to perform various experiments. You can do whatever you want without paying attention to general norms. There are absolutely no rules here! You will find yourself in a world where your imagination forces you to do everything. The game will be very interesting because you will constantly learn something new

Get rid of anger and hatred!

There is always someone who makes you angry. In this game you can imagine their images and make fun of them a little. You have a dummy ready for your experiments. You can use different tools to perform different actions. Place the dummy in a special space and start working. You have the option to load it into a car and drive it around. Create an obstacle course to make the game more interesting. You also have a wide range of weapons at your disposal. You can control various sharp and dangerous things.

Try them and throw them at the dummy. Watch what happens to it and correct its movements! You can tease in any way you like if you like. You can set different traps to make it more fun. Throw grenades, orange peel, rocks and other things at your character. You can also put him in the middle of fireworks and see what happens. This challenge will help you get rid of all the negative emotions! Trust your creativity and invent new experiences!

Create a global apocalypse!

In this game you will find yourself in a world where anything can happen. And best of all, you can do it yourself. Here you can express all your wishes and make them come true. You have the opportunity to turn your characters into zombies or organize a world war. Think about your every move so you won’t be taxed!

Create a special space where you can try out different versions of your evil and dangerous ventures. In this game you can build a real hospital. There will be dozens of medicine bottles in the toolbox. Try each of them and see the results. A real zombie can exist without blood! Connect the heart rate monitor and start sucking blood gradually. Make sure your hero doesn’t die! Of course, you can revive him at any time, but it will be more difficult. Also: if you want to destroy the whole world, grab an army and go!

You can give them powerful weapons and fight for victory! Come up with a strategic plan to survive the enemy’s missiles! Even if you feel the stress, it will be very interesting to play! Every time you can discover new skills or tools that will help you in the future!

There are many secrets hidden inside, waiting for you to discover them! Gain new achievements and make progress in your business! Here you have true freedom to do the craziest things! Experiment with the whole universe on your Android! Don’t be afraid to use something you don’t know! Maybe it’s exactly what you need! Complete your missions and move on! Don’t slow down, or you’ll die!